“The principle is super clever!” Peter Turner

 “IceBreaker is fantastic! The principle is ingenious, the artwork is gorgeous and the cards handle like a dream. IceBreaker went straight into my walk-around mentalism set. Highly recommended.” Mark Elsdon

“Amazing!” Colin McLeod

“I’m having a lot of fun thinking about how I might slip this into my act! :-)” John Archer 

“With IceBreaker, Francis has created an absolute killer! Not only is this a hugely entertaining piece of mentalism but it is also incredibly deceptive yet easy to perform. Great job Francis!” Roddy McGhie

Become an instant expert in lie detection and reveal personal pieces of information about your spectators.

IceBreaker is based on a classic get-to-know-you activity: players tell two lies and one truth about themselves. The object of the game is to determine which statement is correct.

The effect is comprised of 88 poker-size cards with different sentences on the face.

Ex: “I have been to New York”, “I have a tribal tattoo”, “I don’t like maths”, “I can play guitar”, “I am a Libra”, “My favourite colour is blue”…

During performance, your spectators are asked to select a card relating to a personal fact that is true for them. They then read out their selection amongst a list of other cards in the pack, in any order they wish.

You instantly know their true statement!

No stacks

No marks

No force

No memorization

A simple yet undetectable method allowing you to perform the effect in seconds

Suitable for close-up & stage

IceBreaker comes along with a downloadable PDF manual comprising several ideas for routines and presentations catering to all styles of mentalism.

“Psychological” mind readers may use IceBreaker to showcase their talent in body language or voice intonation analysis.

Yet, those cards can also enable you to reveal some star signs, favourite colours as well as more precise pieces of personal information useful for readings.

Finally, IceBreaker has been specifically designed to ensure that its principle is universal. In other words, literally everyone will find a statement that connects with them, no matter what.

This is due to the great variety of sentences comprised in the pack as well as a failsafe principle allowing you to perform the effect with up to 6 spectators at once without any problem whatsoever.

Get IceBreaker now and add this stunning piece of mentalism to your repertoire right away!

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