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Over a year in the making. Designed in association with Phill Smith (‘DMC Elites’). Unsolved is a powerful tool for bizarrists, mentalists and magicians willing to give compelling demonstrations of mediumship!



Unsolved is based on a real-world item originally developed by U.S. law enforcement agencies in order to solve crimes.

In order to keep this product hidden from potential web search by a spectator, we are purposely going to remain fairly cryptic about what it entails. For more information, please read the following article:


So, you guessed it: The gimmick is no ordinary deck! Consequently, the prop itself is a fantastic premise for dark and magickal storytelling

In essence, Unsolved is a specially-crafted marked deck that enables you to showcase your psychic powers and give convincing proof that you can converse with the dead.

Yes! You have just read this correctly! This is the kind of stuff you can bring to a séance and get sitters to genuinely freak out!

Unsolved was conceived with the professional performer in mind, enabling you to produce concrete manifestations of extrasensory perception. The prop really looks the part and can easily be fact-checked by your audience. However, all the cases are completely fictional. Therefore, you do not risk offending potential relatives of the victims. They simply do not exist!

***DISCLAIMER: No professional models were harmed in the making of this product!***



Unsolved comes complete with 3 thrilling and unique routines:

  • ‘OTHER-WORLDLY’: A gripping ‘Out Of This World’ with sinister undertones. Two participants somehow manage to separate missing persons and unsolved homicides with nothing but the power of their intuition. Very deceptive yet extremely easy, you will perform this right away!


  • ‘EMPATH’: A card is freely selected and hidden away by a spectator. You, the Psychic, are instantly able to come into contact with the victim featured on the card and are able to reveal several pieces of information about that person: Initials, name, gender, age, dates, specific details about the case...


  • ‘MOTHER OF ALL OUIJAS’: Now you have successfully demonstrated a spiritual connection with the victim, you offer to put it to the test. A participant is asked to think of a word. You go into a trance and your planchette eerily starts to move across the letters inscribed on the Ouija board, gradually revealing the thought-of word!

Nevertheless, the real potential of Unsolved is yet to be fully explored and you will undoubtedly come up with your own personal presentations.



Unsolved is comprised of 52 different “victims”. There are no duplicates, everything is perfectly examinable, and the effect can be repeated instantly.

We magicians all know countless ploys where a spectator selects a card, which you eventually manage to find under “impossible conditions”. Big deal!

But, instead, what if that trivial playing card value alone could automatically cue a whole range of information about a “victim” featured on the face?

Unsolved is a great way of elevating a simple card trick to a potent demonstration with a profound emotional impact!



Because of the potentially disquieting connotations attached to the deck, Unsolved is not meant to be performed as the latest “trick” to show your friends and family over dinner.

The cards should only be employed in the right circumstances, whenever you have what it takes to set the mood for a (pretty dark) immersive theatrical experience with your audience.

More than a single effect, Unsolved is an actual system that has been streamlined to allow you to perform as seamlessly as possible. Yet, it will require a certain amount of memorisation on your part. That being said, you will also be able to use some of the features right away.

Finally, because the deck has been designed to look and feel like the real thing, the card stock may not appear to be of the greatest quality at first sight (remember, this was normally supposed to be used in prison!).

So, this may not be the best deck to use for your fancy cardistry videos or to practise your faros and diagonal palm shifts!

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